Screenberry 2 becomes AV Awards 2019 Finalist

Screenberry has been nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in the AV industry. The Screenberry media server 2 was shortlisted for ‘Production Technology of the Year’ at the AV Awards 2019 by AV Magazine.

Finalist entry

Screenberry media server v. 2 was shipped on May 1, 2019. It is a media system for playback of ultra-high resolution video through multiple outputs from the single machine. The system also includes video capture, control of external devices, as well as automatic and manual multi-projector calibration.

Screenberry is a flexible software package which allows building complex, real-time video pipelines using commercially available off-the-shelf hardware while staying very performant and stable.

Due to its hybrid video processing engine, which efficiently uses both the GPU and CPU, one single Screenberry server can handle media playback up to 12K x 12K 30 fps / 8K x 8K 60 fps / 32 x Full HD layers at 60 fps with canvas up to 32K x 32K. A high frame rate (120, 240 fps) and custom frame rates are also supported.

A single Screenberry machine can handle up to 16 x 4K (or 64 x Full HD) outputs, which is enough for most events and installations. This single server approach provides ease of use, reduced hardware and maintenance costs.
Screenberry provides a full range of show creation and control tools including multiple timelines, playlists, cues, and independent media players. Thanks to the full-fledged control over IP, multiple operators can simultaneously configure the system, upload content, and control shows remotely. The feature permits one to implement more complex show control scenarios and to operate fixed installations via a local network or the Internet.

Evidence of technological innovation

One of its signature features is an RVA video codec which was developed in-house with the highest performance in mind.

Another signature feature is a pipeline builder where user can construct whatever kind of an A/V processing chain on a software level.

A third signature feature is an automatic multi-projector calibration system which can handle projector black level calibration for the first time in the industry.

Screenberry easily integrates with other technologies and effectively operates in heterogeneous environments. The server is capable of communicating with a variety of hardware and software by utilizing a wide range of protocols: Art-Net, MIDI, UDP, OSC, TCP/IP, RS-232, HTTP, PJLink, numerous vendor-specific projector/display control protocols. 

The media server can work with any screen: flat, curved, fulldome, full sphere, free-form shapes. Projectors, LED screens, and LCD video walls can be used simultaneously.

User benefit

Our technology is designed with years of unattended operation in mind. 

Screenberry has separate GUIs for A/V engineers and operators. Operator’s GUI is intuitive, unbloated and has controls only relevant for a particular installation. This means that any person with minimal training can operate the system. In addition, our product has capabilities of remote monitoring and support which mean our engineering team can always assist with solving even complex issues without coming to the installation site.

The core idea behind our technology is decreasing costs while increasing flexibility.
ROI for our product can be easily justified by the following key points:
1) Lower equipment costs
2) Lower maintenance costs
3) Lower power consumption
4) Higher flexibility