Screenberry drives show control at Global AI Summit 2022

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The Antigravity Show team relied on a Screenberry media server to create a technology-charged opening act for the Global AI Summit 2022. The performance was commissioned by Kitonb Creative Studio, an Italian workshop known for its spectacular, high-profile events.

The AI conference hosted about 200 speakers and experts from over 90 countries. It attracted around 15,000 in-person delegates and more than 21,000 online attendees. To impress this tech savvy audience, the Antigravity Show deployed a complex stage set-up that included two robotic arms equipped with LED screens and a vast LED wall. Carefully choreographed robotic arms movements, projection mapping, impressive motion graphics, and live dancing were blended together to showcase how AI technologies can serve for the good of humanity.

A single Screenberry media server was used to ensure seamless integration of all the show components. The server fed video content to the 23m (11 088x2 016pх) LED wall, two 384x768 px rectangular LED screens attached to the robotic arms, and a WUXGA projector. The server was also used to output 7.1 sound and synchronize stage light and lasers.

One of the most challenging tasks for our team was to combine so many devices with various resolutions and protocols together: LED screens from different manufacturers, robotic arms, digital projector, sound, lasers, and light… Everything had to work in perfect sync! And Screenberry did an excellent job orchestrating all the devices. 

Vika Zaiarna, Antigravity Show Producer

The stage set-up was configured and programmed in Screenberry’s Node Graph widget, which provides a visual representation of how different devices are connected and linked. Meanwhile, the node parameters were controlled directly from the timeline with the help of Screenberry’s Data Items, which can send commands to various devices in their native protocols. With this approach you can use timetile to control any parameter of any node by setting keyframes as well as changing the position and duration of Data Items.

The impactful state-of-the-art performance served as the opening act for two days of the Global AI Summit 2022. It was featured in many of the summit’s reports and received multiple imprints in the Middle Eastern press.

Antigravity Show is a joint project of Front Pictures, Red Rabbit Entertainment and PROFI r&d / innovations.


digital installation
digital installation

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