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Screenberry 3
Removing boundaries

Screenberry enables media designers and AV engineers to create multimedia projects with unprecedented scale, flexibility, and reliability.

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    Play extreme resolution video & high fidelity audio, map on complex-shaped screens, control and automate even the most challenging setups with ease.

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    Create multimedia installations of any complexity and configuration. Customize your projects and interface with a variety of pre-built modules connected through visual programming.

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    Since 2007, Screenberry media servers have proven their rock-solid stability in thousands of events and installations for the most demanding clients around the globe.

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screenberry ui
screenberry ui
screenberry ui
screenberry ui
screenberry ui
screenberry ui
screenberry ui

Timelines for show sequencing

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Sreenberry 3

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What’s new in Screenberry 3.2

  • Uncompressed playback

    Uncompressed playback

    Playback uncompressed media files in their original formats (like TGA sequences) without re-conversion. When your project demands ultimate quality, uncompressed playback comes on stage.

  • Improved timeline

    Improved timeline

    New timeline got various UI improvements and features such as revamped keyframes and markers, freeze frames, and editing with hotkeys. With the help of a new Data Item, users can now control node parameters directly from the timeline.

  • New 32-bit Color Pipeline
    New 32-bit Color Pipeline

    The support of 32-bit media playback and processing ensures remarkable color depth and clarity, as well as smooth gradients and accurate color reproduction.

  • GenICamTM / GigE Vision support
    GenICamTM / GigE Vision support

    Industrial cameras can be used for Screenberry’s automatic calibration thanks to GenICam / GigE Vision protocols support.

  • BlackTrax Real-Time tracking
    BlackTrax Real-Time tracking

    Screenberry has become more broadcast and virtual production-friendly with added BlackTrax real-time tracking support.

  • VST Plugins
    VST Plugins

    VST plugins provide a standardized pathway for audio processing, allowing for a vast array of audio effects and instruments to be easily integrated into Screenberry.

  • Matrix Playlists
    Matrix Playlists

    With the new Matrix Playlists, you can easily add and manipulate multiple layers, controlling the opacity and position of each layer and clip.

  • Live Streaming
    Live Streaming

    New capability to stream to Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms makes it easy to reach a wider audience and share your content online.

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Key features
Maximum Output PixelsUp to 9.8 Mpx (4096 x 2400)Unlimited (licensed by 4K pixel sets)Unlimited
Maximum Media Players1UnlimitedUnlimited (Watermarked above 1K)
Maximum Layers3UnlimitedUnlimited
Uncompressed Playback
Image Sequence Playback
Manual Projection Alignment
32-bit Floating Point Video Processing
3D Workflow
Capture Cards Support
Streaming Protocols Support
Timecode Support
Custom UI panels
SB Calibration Maps Import
Network ProtocolsEssentialFull SetFull Set
Real-time Graphic Engines
Object and Camera Tracking Support
Advanced Automation
Stereoscopic support
Spout Support
GLSL Shaders
VST Plug-ins Support
Web Control Panel
Web Page Rendering
Content Protection
Screenberry Calibrator
Camera-Based Auto-Alignment
Single and Multi-Camera Support
Black Uniformity
Brightness Uniformity
Gamma Compensation
SB Calibration Maps Export
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