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Front Pictures integrated Screenberry to power 'Explore Vatican'—a unique immersive experience allowing visitors to discover the ancient city-state with an unprecedented level of detail.

Screenberry operated at the heart of the Immersive Zone, the most technologically advanced part of the exhibition. The zone, measuring 38.1 x 20.4 meters with a ceiling height of 7.3 meters, featured a 360-degree projection that enveloped the walls, ceiling, and floor. Inside, visitors could virtually explore Vatican City in a 30-minute tour that captured the essence of its cultural heritage.

The Front Pictures team, responsible for both content production and AV engineering, employed advanced technologies such as photogrammetry, high-resolution photography, and AI image enhancement to digitally recreate Vatican art with extreme fidelity. To maintain the visibility of every detail, the content was crafted at an ultra-high resolution of 13,376 x 6,592px (88 MP). To ensure smooth and synchronized playback, Front Pictures deployed a single Screenberry media server that ran 36 DP E-Vision 5100 projectors. The projectors were aligned with the help of Screenberry’s automatic and manual calibration techniques.

The multimedia exhibition operated at ACE Mission Studios in Los Angeles, CA, from July to November 2023.


digital installation
digital installation

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