Screenberry-powered 3D mapping on a skull-shaped stage prop during a Max Barskih concert


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Create a spectacular live event using a single Screenberry media server

  • Comfortable Show Sequencing

    Screenberry provides flexibility in show programming by allowing users to utilize any number of media players, playlists, and timelines to achieve the desired results for a specific stage show. Additionally, you can mix different approaches to create unique and complex media compositions.

    Screenberry timeline interface screenshot showcasing the server's capabilities in advanced show sequencing
  • Accurate Synchronization of Backstage Services

    Screenberry can control sound, light, video fixtures and devices using DMX, Art-Net, MIDI, OSC, as well as synchronize different scenarios using incoming or outgoing timecodes

    A performer interacts with LED screens during a multimedia performance at the Global AI Summit 2022
  • Motion Tracking & Real-Time Effects

    Screenberry supports professional stage object tracking systems such as BlackTrax and provides native support for professional stage graphics generators such as Notch and Touchdesigner. The user interface can be flexibly customized to control a specific show.

    A performer inside a digital space, representing Screenberry's support for motion tracking and real-time graphics

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From show programming and show control to object tracking and real-time graphics

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Streamline your setup using a single Screenberry server

Screenberry media server software is optimized for maximum efficiency, meaning you can get more done with less hardware. The highly efficient playback engine is capable of handling video up to 16 x 4K resolution using a single server without clusters. 

A performer looking at the face of an Artificial Intelligence on LED screens as part of a multimedia performance at the Global AI Summit 2022

Screenberry places no limit on our creativity when developing show concepts. We can use any combination of different screens and any number of output devices virtually without any limitations.

Val Syganevich

Val Syganevich

CEO, Freckled Sky INC

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Case Studies
Pink performing live at the BRIT Awards 2019 with a Screenberry-powered water screen projection on the background

London, UK

Screenberry in action at Pink's BRIT Awards 2019 performance

View case
Screenberry-powered 3D mapping on a skull-shaped stage prop during a Max Barskih concert

Kyiv, Ukraine

Giant skull 3D mapping wows Max Barskih fans

View case
Screenberry-driven visuals on a giant 48x8m projection scrim as part of the spectacular Mercedes-Benz Travego bus reveal show

Istanbul, Turkey

A holographic dance unveils the new Mercedes-Benz Bus with Screenberry

View case
Performer on a hoverboard as part of a Screenberry-powered performance at the auditions for season 13 of America’s Got Talent

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Screenberry behind the stage of Antigravity performance at AGT

View case
A presenter interacting with a hologram as part of a Screenberry-powered holographic presentation at the SME Development Forum

Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry drives holographic presentation at a business forum

View case


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