Starry sky projection in the Space 360 spherical projection theater powered by Screenberry


Bring the stars closer

It’s easy to create an immersive theater or planetarium with Screenberry

  • Automatic Warping & Blending

    Screenberry features single and multi-camera solutions of auto calibration for multi-channel dome projection. It contains black & white intensity compensation which is critical to create a seamless picture noticeable on dark frames, like the starry sky.

    A fulldome theater with a calibration test grid showcasing Screenberry's capability for automatic warping and blending for multi-channel dome projections
  • Efficient Playback

    Screenberry is able to play content of up to 32x32K on 16 4K projectors from a single server using a custom proprietary RVA codec and a hybrid CPU-GPU video processing pipeline. 
    All the content processing occurs in real-time, which allows a responsive reaction to user actions.

    Screenberry-driven fulldome projection at Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, illustrating Screenberry's super high-resolution video playback capabilities
  • Straightforward Control 

    The client-server architecture provides remote control of the media server from a single operator’s place by PC, laptop or smartphone. 

    Screenberry control panel displayed on a laptop, tablet and smartphone, showcasing the media server's platform-independent control capabilities

Explore all features

From dome calibration and content management to astronomic simulation plugins and show control

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Astronomy visualization and simulation software

Based on a single-server approach and powered by Screenberry technology, it supports smooth content playback in up to 12K resolution, automatic projection calibration, rich theater control and automation possibilities, as well as extensive integration, streaming, and interactive capabilities.

Screenberry’s automatic calibration made our dome installation much easier and faster, reducing costs for our customers. The projectors blend perfectly regardless of their positioning. We don’t need expensive optical blending.

Soon Chang Park

Soon Chang Park


Screenberry is our go to media server solution. It’s rock solid reliability, huge flexibility and unique capabilities are second to none and without this phenomenal solution we certainly would not have been able to open Europe’s first immersive arts lab.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Director, CULTVR Lab

Screenberry allows us to work faster and smarter on our award-winning immersive fulldome productions. It's taken our domeography to a whole new level!

Paul Mowbray

Paul Mowbray

Director, NSC Creative

For years, my company has built many dome theater systems with Screenberry in Japan, and we are always satisfied with its stable and reliable performance. We are also impressed with their continuous development to add new features.

Toshiyuki Takahei

CEO, Orihalcon Inc.

Explore what you can create with Screenberry

Case Studies
A group of people looking at a fulldome projection inside the Devonport Market Hall's 210-degree dome theater driven by Screenberry

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Driving Europe's first 210-degree Market Hall dome theater

View case
A large suspended negative pressure dome powered by Screenberry at CULTVR Lab

Cardiff, Wales, UK

Screenberry servers drive dome projections at the CULTVR Lab

View case
Screenberry-driven fulldome projection at Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, illustrating Screenberry's super high-resolution video playback capabilities

Leicester, UK

Screenberry in action at the UK’s largest planetarium

View case
Screenberry team working on the multi-camera projection calibration of the Space 360 spherical projection theater

Gwangju, South Korea

Screenberry at the heart of Space 360 spherical projection theater

View case
Exterior of a 4D dome theater at the Gimcheon Science Museum powered by a Screenberry media server

Gimcheon, South Korea

Screenberry powers a 4D dome theater at Gimcheon Science Museum

View case
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