Bringing art to life at the 'Impressionistas' multimedia exhibition

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Sevilla, Spain

Impressionist paintings projected onto digital gallery walls, showcasing Screenberry's role in driving multimedia exhibitions


Screenberry media server works at the heart of the ‘Impressionistas’ travelling digital art gallery, which was designed and implemented by Front Pictures for ArtApart. The Front Pictures team also prepared video content that guides visitors through the history of the 19th-century art movement.
The touring multimedia exhibition made its debut at the Pabellón de la Navegación (Navigation Pavilion) in Sevilla, Spain. It provides visitors with an immersive, twenty-first century take on the works of Renoir, Van Gogh, and other renowned European Impressionist artists. The larger than life masterpieces are displayed on 14 lightweight modular Showtex screens –  4.4m in height and spanning 116 m in total.

Screenberry plays the key role in the projection setup. A single media server drives and aligns 21 x BenQ TH671ST projectors to ensure smooth and fully synchronized playback on the screens across 40320 x 1080 pixels. The video signal of a total resolution of 43.5 MP is distributed via 6 x QuadHead2Go Q155 multi-monitor controllers.

Compared to cluster setups, the single server projection system provides great flexibility and low cost of ownership. It also occupies less space and consumes less electricity. It’s important because the installation is going to travel to different locations.

Yuri Kostenko, Front Pictures CEO


digital installation
digital installation

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