A woman looking at classical art in a digital art gallery powered by a Screenberry media server


The art of immersion

Create digital galleries that take your audience on a journey, offering a unique and engaging experience

  • Extremely High Resolution

    Screenberry’s advanced technology enables it to support the largest single server resolutions available, with a capability of up to 16x4K. This means that you can create stunning visuals on a big scale, bringing your vision to life with unparalleled detail and clarity.

    A man looking at immersive, large-scale projections, highlighting Screenberry's exceptional high-resolution output
  • Rich Calibration Toolset

    Screenberry is changing the game when it comes to multi-projector setups. With our technology, you can blend multi-projector setups and create seamless, immersive visuals that will fascinate your audience. The software features automated multi-camera warping and blending, which means that you get perfect alignment and calibration across multiple projectors.

    People immersed in a projection of classical art at the Frameless Gallery, showcasing Screenberry's extraordinary capabilities for automatic projection alignment
  • Content Protection

    Screenberry has a feature that was specifically designed to protect and secure digital content during distribution. It can only be accessed on a specific system or venue. This provides an extra layer of protection for unique and precious content, which is particularly important for digital galleries. 

    Circuit board with a lock icon, representing Screenberry's content encryption feature

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Immerse in the digital art experience

Our technology takes an immersive art experience to new highs. Screenberry offers automated projection calibration that simplifies the setup process, together with playback of high-resolution content for the ultimate visual experience.

Impressionist paintings projected onto digital gallery walls, showcasing Screenberry's role in driving multimedia exhibitions

Screenberry always delivers sharp visuals that impress our audience and create great word of mouth. If your project involves complicated projection with multiple projectors synchronized smoothly, I highly recommend it and know of no other system that is even comparable. 

Juan Urrutia


We have been working with Front Pictures since 2014 and have been using their Screenberry media server. Their one single server solution is simple, easy to operate and very stable. With iPad control, it was easy for our clients who are not used to using any kind of machinery to operate their system.

Junko Kawashima

International Business & Licensing, Digital Media Lab, Inc.

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Case Studies
Group of visitors immersed in the Screeberry-driven projection of classical artworks at A-Gallery

Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry pushes the limits of high performance at A-Gallery

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Impressionist paintings projected onto digital gallery walls, showcasing Screenberry's role in driving multimedia exhibitions

Sevilla, Spain

Bringing art to life at the 'Impressionistas' multimedia exhibition

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A group of people captivated by large projector screens driven by Screenberry at the “Voices of Love” digital art exhibition

Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry drives screens at the ‘Voices of Love’ art exhibition

View case
Screenberry-driven multi-screen installation featuring Vogue UA magazine covers at the “Ukraine in Vogue” exhibition

Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry behind multimedia installations at Vogue UA exhibition

View case
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