Screenberry-driven Christmas projection mapping wows Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills, CA


NewMedia Creative Technology Studio chose Screenberry to create a stunning projection mapping show featuring a Naked Eye 3D effect on the Beverly Hills City Hall's Tower.

Every evening, from November 17th, 2022 to January 1st, 2023, the historic City Hall's Tower in the prestigious Los Angeles suburb turned into a bright display for the "Unwrap the Magic" show. The 7-minute spectacle ran every half-hour from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm, and in between the shows, visitors could use an interactive kiosk to choose from a variety of 15-second video clips to be projected onto the Tower.

For the first time, NewMedia introduces the "Naked Eye 3D" technique in video projections. Until today, it was only used on LED screens such as Times Square, Shanghai, Dubai...but NewMedia took video mapping to another level.

Diego De Anna, NewMedia CEO

Naked Eye 3D technology allows viewers to enjoy a stereoscopic-like effect without the use of 3D glasses. To make it possible, NewMedia deployed one Screenberry media server to align and run 8 x Panasonic PT-RQ35K projectors covering two sides of City Hall Tower. The projectors were double stacked and placed inside two scaffold projector towers, with four in each. They were also installed in portrait mode to maximize the effective pixel coverage.

To successfully warp and align the projectors, NewMedia relied on Screenberry's features such as 3D model reprojection with the help of virtual camera and projector positioning, and automatic blending. The City Hall was 3D scanned to ensure precise projector positioning and geometry alignment.

Using a single server ensured frame-accurate synchronization between all projectors, which was crucial for creating the Naked Eye 3D illusion.

The Screenberry technical team assisted NewMedia with video engineering and field support. We also developed a web interface for the interactive kiosk to allow visitors to choose video clips.


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digital installation

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