Lighting up the stars at the Muju Firefly Observatory

Fulldome & Planetariums

Muju, South Korea


METASPACE, a leading Korean provider of solutions for astronomy and space science, installed Screenberry software at the Muju Firefly Astronomical Observatory.


This renowned observatory, situated in an area known for its pristine nature, dark night skies, and abundant firefly population, is part of the country's largest insect museum. Each year, it attracts numerous visitors who gather at the Muju Firefly Festival to marvel at the mesmerizing spectacle created by the lightning bugs.


Screenberry replaced another projection and calibration software that, according to METASPACE, had poor-quality, staggered video playback, lacked black compensation, and was not easy to operate.


The installation and configuration of the Screenberry software on the existing projectors and computer resulted in remarkable improvements. 


“In 2023, METASPACE achieved perfect dome video quality by using the best software, Screenberry. The projector and computer were in a sufficient state to be used, so the software was installed and configured to produce perfect dome video quality,” said Jeongha Gwak, METASPACE Manager.


Screenberry runs 8 x BenQ projectors and ensures a fully automatic camera based projection alignment for an impeccable 4K (3D-ready) video playback on the 13m dome screen. In particular, METASPACE relied on Screenbery’s black level compensation feature to ensure uniform black levels across the entire projection surface.

We didn't have high expectations just because we changed the software, but we're so satisfied with the results. The picture quality improved as if we installed new projectors and computer systems, the color also improved, and the video playback became very smooth. All our employees are very satisfied. It's great that we can show better videos to the young people who visit here. 

Jehoon Park, Manager at Firefly Astronomical Observatory

Photo credit: METASPACE


digital installation
digital installation

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