Immersive projection and astronomy simulations at the First Light Pavilion

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Cheshire, England

Group of people watching a Screenberry-powered projection at the Space Dome of Jodrell Bank's First Light Pavilion.

Photo credit: NSC Creative


NSC Creative relies on the Screenberry media server and SpaceTime360 to power immersive shows at the First Light Pavilion. This spectacular exhibition space is the newest addition to Jodrell Bank, the world's oldest existing radio astronomy observatory.

Built by the Australian award-winning Hassell Studio, the First Light Pavillion is nestled under a grass-covered mound rising from the landscape. Inside the hill, visitors can immerse themselves in Jodrell Bank’s heritage and learn about the Lovell Telescope, one of the world’s largest and most powerful telescopes. The Pavilion includes an interactive multimedia exhibition and a 150-seat auditorium, the Space Dome.

Photo credit: Andrew Brooks

Screenberry operates at the core of the Space Dome. This venue boasts an immersive projection on a giant custom-shaped 21-meter screen that extends all the way down to the floor. The media server runs and auto-calibrates 9 x Optoma ZU1050 projectors to deliver 4K @ 60fps video output. Additionally, it orchestrates 5.1 surround sound. The server also enables live astronomy sessions with the help of SpaceTime360, a visualization and simulation software by Front Pictures, which is natively integrated into Screenberry.

The flexibility of the system is further enhanced with live capture and streaming capabilities from multiple sources to enable a range of live events from guest lectures beamed in from anywhere in the world to artistic 360° performances.

Photo credit: NSC Creative

Jodrell Bank has been the location of some of the most significant intergalactic discoveries since the dawn of the Space Age. In 2019, the observatory was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognized as a location of Outstanding Universal Value.

Photo creadit: NSC Creative


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