Screenberry behind multimedia installations at Vogue UA exhibition

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry-driven multi-screen installation featuring Vogue UA magazine covers at the “Ukraine in Vogue” exhibition

Photo credit: VOGUE UA


Screenberry media servers powered multimedia installations at the “Ukraine in Vogue” exhibition dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Ukrainian edition of the iconic fashion magazine VOGUE. The exhibition ran from Sep. 22 to Oct. 21, 2018 in the Lavra Art Gallery.  

In total, five media servers were used to turn the event into an immersive visual experience. One server controlled playback on eight plasma screens which displayed the magazine’s best covers over the past five years. Another Screenberry server aligned and controlled three projectors at the immersive backstage room. And finally, three servers were used to drive three one-channel projections at different exhibit spaces.

“Vogue UA is a fashionable and forward-looking magazine that is constantly in search of new and interesting media formats to entertain our readers. A lot of our projects are created in different media formats such as photos and videos, social media content, and artwork. The key goal of the ‘Ukraine in Vogue’ exhibition was to showcase the magazine’s best projects created over the past five years with the help of new visual media and approaches. Our partner company Front Pictures understood the task at first glance. They managed to seamlessly incorporate multimedia formats into the exhibition and made the space truly immersive,” Elena Dobrynskaya, brand manager Vogue UA.


digital installation
digital installation

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