Ultra-high resolution single server video playback & output

  • A hybrid video processing engine which uses both the GPU and CPU in a very effective manner, permitting the system to achieve up to 8x8K (67.1 MP) video playback even while using commodity hardware*.
  • A high performance real-time rendering engine which can handle multiple high resolution video outputs on a single machine.
  • An extreme number of video channels. With the help of modern video wall controllers, the number of displays or projectors connected to one server can be as high as 72 or even more**

* The resolution and framerate depend on the hardware configuration.
** The number of displays, total resolution, and framerate depend on the hardware configuration.


Unmatched automatic camera-based projection calibration

  • Automatic geometry alignment and edge blending calculation
  • Automatic brightness uniformity calibration
  • Automatic 3D color LUT generation for color nonlinearity compensation of 1-chip DLP projectors
  • Automatic black level uniformity compensation
  • Support for projection setups with optical blend masks and projector stacking
  • Selective manual masking
  • Post-calibration geometric transformations (real-time)
  • Works with popular DSLR camera models from the Canon and Nikon lineups

Rock-solid performance and content protection

  • Years of stable performance. Screenberry has proved its reliability in thousands of events and installations around the globe
  • Easy failover solution requires just one secondary server as most Screenberry setups are driven by a single server
  • Encrypted video support and flexible licensing. Screenberry can directly playback video in a proprietary encrypted format. This allows for safe content distribution. Producers and media designers can issue time-based or pay-per-play licenses
  • Networked remote control allows users to configure and operate media servers from any place where there is an internet connection

Creative and installation freedom

  • Cross-platformScreenberry supports both Windows and Linux platforms
  • Flexible architecture allows for a great number of setups, configurations, and control scenarios. Users can design a great variety of processing pipelines with the help of the powerful node-graph editor
  • Easy media management with highly intuitive interface. Editing and adding content is easy with the user friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • 3D and 2D composition capabilities
  • Hardware flexibility. The hardware can vary from compact digital signage computers to powerful workstations
  • Easy 3rd party app integration thanks to the single server approach and integrated SDK with plugins for popular software development environments and game engines
  • Multiple independent media players enhance control over the show even further. Timelines can be operated by several users simultaneously or be triggered by certain events
  • Multiple operators can access the server from several machines simultaneously, allowing for more complex show control scenarios. All events are immediately visible on the server’s control panel