Screenberry drives VR filming backdrop for 1+1 TV channel

TV & Cinema

Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry-driven 360 circular panorama projection screen at 1+1 TV channel's virtual production film set


National Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 relied on Screenberry to set up a VR filming studio for its experimental project “My Country.” The project featured a series of 360-degree videos from all over Ukraine presented by famous Ukrainian TV hosts. 

The filming studio featured a circular 18.5 m (60 feet) panoramic screen with a rig of 7 x Christie Roadster S+20Kprojectors suspended at the center.

A Screenbery media server was used to align the projectors with the help of automatic calibration. The calibration camera with a fisheye lens was installed right on the ground to observe the panorama screen. The resulting panoramic image was converted in real-time with the help of a PlanarToDome node. The server also played back 11,136х960 px video to create an immersive visual backdrop for filming.

1+1 is one of the most popular Ukrainian-language TV channels with the second biggest technical penetration of 95% in the country. 1+1 has been listed among the TOP-5 most viewed generalist TV channels in Ukraine for the past two decades


digital installation
digital installation

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