Screenberry drives Unity-based 'Time Machine' interactive installation

Fulldome & Planetariums

Edmonton, Canada


Canadian 360 degree video storytelling specialist Full Circle Visuals relied on Screenberry to create an interactive projection project called Time Machine. The installation features a 24-hour 360 timelapse video projected in a dome and controlled by a wheel. When the wheel is turned to the right, the time moves forwards. When it is turned to the left, time moves backwards. Full Circle Visuals plans to use the installation to tell stories about climate change and weather patterns.

Screenberry’s integration with the Unity game engine was central to the project. Interactive AV installations can easily benefit from the server’s auto-calibration capability thanks to its API which provides convenient tools for the calibration data import into popular game development platforms like Unity®, Unreal® Engine 4 as well as TouchDesigner and astronomy applications.

Full Circle Visuals is the brainchild of Ryan Jackson, a pioneer of 360-degree video and the most awarded multimedia photojournalist in Canada. He founded the company in 2016 to pursue visual storytelling in new formats, including VR and dome projection. He soon hired co-founder Sam Brooks who brings a mechanical engineering background to the team as well as several years of experience in working with media organizations and a focus on blending technology and storytelling.

Here is Ryan’s presentation at IMERSA Summit 2019 featuring Time Machine making of:


digital installation
digital installation

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