Panoramic projection at NSC’s Destination Venus attraction

A Screenberry media server was chosen to control panoramic projection at the Destination Venus immersive attraction at the National Space Center, the UK’s #1 space-based attraction, which welcomes more than 300,000 visitors a year.

After visitors step inside the attraction, they find themselves in the cockpit of a lander module, surrounded by a U-shaped “glass” windshield. The floor shakes as the spacecraft experiences enormous pressure and hurricane winds while passing through Venus’s atmosphere. Screenberry was used to synchronize and auto-calibrate four Full HD Ultra Short Throw Optoma projectors to create a seamless panorama. The video playback is synchronized with the floor vibration, LED lights, and a 4K monitor that displays onboard records.The attraction was developed by the NSC Creative team. Front Pictures was chosen to deliver a technological solution for the immersive projection.

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