Screenberry powers projection mapping onto a Ferris wheel

Screenberry helped illuminate a 43m Ferris wheel at the presentation of Morshynska’s ‘Voice of Water’ project.

‘Voice of Water’ is a unique project launched by Ukraine’s leading bottled water producer Morshynska. To draw attention to the country’s freshwater resources and raise brand awareness, Morshynska invited a score of celebrated singers and artists to produce a single with tunes generated by natural water streams.

To present the project in Kyiv, Morshynska and Trends and Brands organized a live concert and invited Front Pictures to create a projection show on a 43 m Ferris wheel wrapped in fabric.

Front Pictures relied on Screenberry to cover the giant wheel with a seamless projection. The media server drove and aligned 6 x Christie S+20k projectors with the help of camera-based automatic calibration. The server was in charge of video content playback and live feed capture.

Photos and video by Trends & Brands