Driving a 25-screen video wall at the UA:Pershyi TV studio

TV & Cinema

Kyiv, Ukraine

A group of people at a TV studio equipped with a Screenberry-driven video wall


Ukraine's top system integrator for media companies VisionHOUSE chose Screenberry to drive multi-screen playback at a renovated TV studio specially prepared to host the debates of candidates running for the 2019 presidential election at UA:Pershyi TV channel. 

UA:Pershyi (UA:First) is the only TV channel covering over 97% of Ukraine's territory and is the only state-owned national channel. Its mission is to report on the country’s political, social, and cultural affairs accurately and objectively. As part of its election campaign coverage, UA:Pershyi decided to host the presidential debates, inviting all the top candidates, three at a time.

At the channel’s renovated TV studio, Screenberry is driving multi-screen playback to provide a perfect 4K video backdrop. The media server controls 25 Samsung LCD screens united into four video walls. Each video wall receives a Full HD 50 fps video signal from the server. 

Screenberry is used to display video footage, infographics, and images. The server can also be used to capture and display live feeds from the TV studio broadcast cameras.

Thanks to Screenberry’s intuitive interface, it took just one day to train the TV channel personnel to operate the media server for live broadcasts. 

Photo credit: UA: Pershyi


digital installation
digital installation

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