Screenberry in action at UK’s biggest planetarium
Photo by National Space Center

Screenberry was the media server of choice at the upgraded Sir Patrick Moore planetarium at National Space Centre. The media server drives and auto-aligns newly released 13 x BenQ LU9915 laser projectors for 5K 60Hz 3D-capable video playback on UK’s biggest 18 m dome.

The system provides exceptional image contrast thanks to its extremely low screen gain and a combination of mechanical blends and digital auto-alignment.

"This planetarium is special because it is the largest in the UK for the start. It’s also got the lowest screen gain that means that it’s going to get the best dynamic performance of any planetarium I know of. Simply because we can throw so much light on that surface which is suppressed when it bounces backwards and forwards. It means great contrast as well as very bright imagery," says Graham Law, Chief Engineer at National Space Center.  

National Space Center is the UK’s #1 space-based attraction, which welcomes more than 300,000 visitors a year.