METASPACE, a Korean provider of solutions for astronomy and space science, installed Screenberry in the heart of the Daejeon Observatory in South Korea. The venue is unique in terms of its availability for the public. Its visitors can not only listen to lectures about astronomy, but also observe celestial bodies via telescopes. They can explore the sun during the day, and enjoy the beauty of planets, nebulae, and clusters of stars at night.

Screenberry works in parallel with opto-mechanical starball Megastar NEO of Ohira Tech, which replaced the old ZEISS planetarium. The media server is used to drive and auto-align 4 x FullHD BenQ W1210ST projectors for 360-degree playback on a 9.5m dome.

With the installation of the digital projection system, the Daejeon Observatory has gotten new ways to deliver even brighter lectures and fulldome shows about our Universe.