Screenberry is at the heart of a headset-free virtual reality installation at the Slovak National Museum. The installation was engineered by Czech AV integrator MUSOFT in partnership with Ukrainian studio of innovative technologies Front Pictures.

The “Virtuálne Múzeum” is a circular room which has 8 meters in diameter. When visitors step inside, they find themselves immersed in a 270-degree video panorama that takes viewers onto VR tours to various museums of the Slovak Republic. The immersive effect is created by projection not only on the walls but also on the ceiling of the round space. 

In total, 16 projectors are used to map 85 m2 of the projection surface. 8 x Benq MW826ST (1280x800) projectors create video panorama on the walls; 8 x Benq W1210ST (1920х1080) projectors create an image on the ceiling.

Virtual tours are enabled by a special interactive application based on Unreal Engine 4. The app was developed by Front Pictures. It uses Screenberry’s auto-calibration maps to directly output the virtual environments. The navigation is enabled with the help of Logitech Spotlight+.

The Slovak National Museum is the most important scientific research and cultural education institution in the Slovak Republic. It is headquartered in Bratislava, however, the Slovak National Museum governs 18 specialized museums, most of which are located outside of the city.