Screenberry drives 8K 360˚visuals at Ukraine’s first virtual production film set

One Location virtual production studio recently opened its doors to filmmakers. Founded by leading screen rental company Platforma, the innovative film set provides a realistic immersive environment for shooting and offers a host of new possibilities to the industry.

The virtual production studio features a cave-like space, so-called LED volume, consisting of 5 high definition LED screens (three walls, a floor, and a ceiling). The setup is powered by a Screenberry media server which runs in parallel with Unreal Engine. While UE is responsible for real-time rendering of 3D environments, Screenberry provides smooth 8K 360˚ @ 50 fps video playback of the pre-recorded 360 videos and photos.

The system provides camera tracking in real-time and renders graphics according to the camera's positional data. This means that as the camera moves, the 3D image on the LED screens will change accordingly to reflect the movement. This makes the 3D scene appear deeper and more realistic.

The One Location film set can be considered as an alternative for a chroma key (green screen). It helps eliminate location shoots and film complex VFX shots with accurate lighting and reflections in-camera. It also brings the post-production process to the set, making the VFX filming process more flexible and interactive. All of this allows filmmakers to reduce costs and speed up the post-production process and bring it to a new level.