At the heart of the fulldome system at the Seoul Science Center

Fulldome & Planetariums

Seoul, South Korea

Suspended projection dome powered by Screenberry at the Seoul Science Center


METASPACE, a Korean provider of solutions for astronomy and space science, has chosen a Screenberry media server to deliver 360-degree playback at the Seoul Science Center.

The server drives and auto-calibrates 4 x BenQ W1210ST Full HD projectors for a 3K fulldome playback on a 5m screen. The system is equipped with a suite of interactive fulldome applications that allow for delivering astronomy lectures and immersive presentations under the dome. The media server currently runs popular free astronomy apps such as Stellarium, World Wide Telescope, and Mitaka. 

The 5m Rigid Frame Open-Sided dome was manufactured by Front Pictures Engineering. This dome design is ideal for indoor installations with a controlled light environment. The dome is suspended, providing easy public access as well as height and tilt adjustment.

The Seoul Science Center is the city’s first municipal science center. Its goal is to educate young people about science in a fun and accessible way.

Now with the new dome, visitors can dive into the world of immersive science and entertainment with the help of astronomy applications and interactive presentation tools.

Photo credit: METASPACE


digital installation
digital installation

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