Projection mapping show lights up Film Museum opening night

Photo by Yevgeniya Ustinova

The Screenberry media server powered an architectural projection show dedicated to the launch of the Film Museum in Kyiv. The mapping show called “KinoOko” (Movie Eye) was projected onto the 55x20m (180x65ft) facade of the Dovzhenko Center building; the largest Ukrainian State Film Archive and home to the Film Museum.

Photo by Dovzhenko Center

The museum guests enjoyed the projection show following an opening press conference and a tour around the museum exhibits. “KinoOko” created by VJ Max Poberejskyy featured early 20-century fragments of Ukrainian Avant garde movies by Dziga Vertov, Sergei Eisenstein, Lev Kuleshov, and Alexander Dovzhenko, whose experimental films heavily influenced the world’s cinematography.

The projection setup included 2х3 stacked 10K Panasonic RZ970 projectors, driven and aligned by the Screenberry media server. The mapping show was accompanied with a live music performance by Ptakh_Jung band.

Photo by Dovzhenko Center

The first exhibition at the Film Museum was focused on the history of the All-Ukrainian Photo Cinema Administration (VUFKU), also known as Ukrainian Holywood. Following almost a century in oblivion, its legacy has been brought back to the public's attention. The large scale audio visual projection show helped the museum’s visitors get further immersed in the heritage and history of Ukrainian film-making.

Projector rental: Projection Systems
Technical support: Front Pictures