Screenberry at the heart of the 3D mapping contest at KLF 2019

Installations & 3D Mapping

Kyiv, Ukraine


The Screenberry media server helped the Kyiv Lights Festival create a large scale, two-day, video mapping show in the very heart of the Ukrainian capital.

This year the Kyiv City State Administration building was chosen as a canvas for the international 3D video mapping contest. To illuminate its 90.5 x 43.5 m (297 x 143 ft ) facade, a single Screenberry media server was used. The server aligned and fed 20 Barco projectors – 4 x Barco HDQ-2K40 (40K lumens) and 8 x 2 stacked Barco HDX-W20 FLEX (20K lumens). The projectors alignment took only a few hours thanks to Screnbery’s support of 3D model integration, virtual camera and projector positioning and automatic blending.

Video mapping backstage at KLF 2019
Behind the scenes of KLF 2019

The 3D video mapping contest featured 21 works submitted by artists from 13 countries and judged by an international jury. First place was awarded to Italian artist Dies_ who prepared a show called, “Broken Beauty”.

Another highlight was the Axioma projection show created by Spanish studio Onionlab. It was the first stereoscopic 3D mapping show presented in Ukraine. 50,000 free anaglyph 3D glasses were distributed to allow everyone to enjoy the show.

Stereoscopic video mapping show at KLF2019
Axioma projection show by Spanish studio Onionlab

The festival was opened with “Dreams Come True,” a 3D mapping show prepared by the 1+1 TV channel. It featured children’s drawings of their dreams collected from all over Ukraine. At the same time, the message carrying 100,000 kids’ drawings was sent into space with the help of the country’s biggest radio telescope. One more Screenberry media server was used to overlay AR content with a live camera signal for the 1+1 TV broadcast.
The Kyiv Light Festival, beginning in 2017, has been held annually in the Ukrainian capital. It is now considered the country’s largest free, open air art event. It is also one of Ukraine’s most popular festivals dedicated to projections, modern visual technologies and media arts. According to official estimates, about 250,000 people attended KLF 2019 over the weekend.


digital installation
digital installation

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