Hey!Joy delivers immersive fun with Screenberry

Hey!Joy toy store chose Screenberry to drive dome projection at Mall of America, the biggest shopping and entertainment complex in the United States.

Mall of America houses more than 520 world-class retail outlets and restaurants. It is a major tourist attraction with roughly 40 million visitors per year. To stand out in this crowd, retail stores have to offer more than just a variety of goods. So does the Hey!Joy toy store, which delivers immersive fun and hands-on activities to its little visitors, helping them discover their interests to choose the most suitable toy for them.

Image credit: Hey!Joy

The store features a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) play zone that includes a variety of toys designed to educate kids about the surrounding world in a fun way. A Screenberry-driven digital dome theater stands at the core of this department. The planetarium is used to screen edutainment fulldome shows to the store’s visitors.

A Screenberry media server drives and auto-calibrates 4x Benq Full HD projectors to create a seamless image on a 4.8m dome screen. Following a brief training, Hey!Joy staff operate the projection system, and schedule and run screenings. The  projection system is housed inside of a RFE (Rigid-frame enclosed) negative pressure dome manufactured and supplied by Front Pictures.

Header image credit: Twin Cities Mom Collective

Gallery credit: Hey!Joy