Delivering digital sky at Ukraine’s largest planetarium

Fulldome & Planetariums

Kyiv, Ukraine

Screenberry-driven fulldome projection at Kyiv Planetarium, illustrating Screenberry's super high-resolution video playback capabilities

Photo credit: Kyiv Planetarium


An upgraded Kyiv Planetarium chose Screenberry media server to deliver a 4K digital sky. A single media server provides a smooth 360 video playback on a 23-meter dome by driving and auto-aligning 12 x Benq MW705 projectors.

Apart from screening fulldome shows, the Kyiv Planetarium is now also able to deliver astronomy lectures with the help of SpaceTime360™, hold presentations with Presenter360™, and entertain visitors with Meduza360™.

The new system replaced an old one installed by Front Pictures in 2011. The upgraded planetarium received a brighter projection and a new generation of fulldome applications developed by Front Pictures.

The Kyiv Planetarium is the biggest and oldest planetarium in Ukraine. This massive fulldome theater with a capacity of 320 seats has an annual turnout of 150,000 visitors.


digital installation
digital installation

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