Driving a panoramic video projection at PMHUB

PMHUB is a new venue for business, IT, gaming, and entertainment events in downtown Kyiv. Its hall, with a panoramic terrace and an open rooftop, offers a modern and picturesque space for conferences, hackathons, panel discussions, and other meetups.

One of the hub’s advantages is a 14 х 4.5 m (46 x 15 ft) wall with 7024 х 2160 px panoramic projection. Installed by Front Pictures, the projection system features 2 x 4K NEC 10,000 lm projectors driven by a single Screenberry media server. The server also feeds content to PMHUB’s digital signage screens and a teleprompter in front of the stage. It can mix digital content playback with video capture, online streaming, social media feeds, etc.

“Two powerful 4K laser projectors create a bright and crisp image on a huge panoramic screen allowing visitors to fully enjoy high resolution videos. The screen can serve not only presentations and broadcasts, but also as a backdrop for concerts and parties,” says Front Pictures CEO Yuri Kostenko.

1 x Screenberry media server
2 x NEC PX1005QL projectors