Dome projection in a chimney: UNIT.City chose Screenberry for its art installation

Photo: UNIT.City

Ukraine’s first innovations park UNIT.City relied on Screenberry to drive 360-degree payback at its new art installation. The media server was nestled at a mini planetarium installed inside of an abandoned industrial chimney.

Photo: UNIT.City

UNIT.City was founded in 2016 on the site of an old motorcycle factory. The UFuture investment group transformed the shabby production facilities into a cutting edge hub for IT students and entrepreneurs. A 60 meter brick chimney in the middle of the campus had long stood unattended until UNIT.City administration launched a contest to turn the massive structure into a creative art installation.

The idea of British architect Sebastian Kite beat 158 entries submitted by artists from all over the world. The project is called ‘Innovations Beacon.’ It features a powerful beam of light shining out from the chimney at night and a mini planetarium is installed inside the brick structure.

Dome projection set-up

To ensure 360-degree playback on the 3.4m (11ft) dome, Screenberry drives 4 x Benq 1210 projectors. The seamless image is achieved with advanced automatic 5-stage camera-based calibration that perfectly blends and warps the projectors.

The custom projection dome was manufactured by Front Pictures. The company modified its Rigid Frame Open-Sided negative pressure dome model to neatly fit into the chimney.

Photo: UNIT.City