Dome projection at Lu'an Science and Technology Museum

Together with Sichuan Huakong Graphics Technology Co., Front Pictures installed a Screenberry-driven projection system at the heart of the brand new planetarium at the Lu'an Municipal Science and Technology Museum.

The Screenberry media server auto-calibrates and feeds 2 x 4K Barco UDX-4K22 projectors to create a seamless image on a 12 meter (39 ft) aluminium dome. The dome theater screens educational shows about nature, science, and technology.

“A projection system for a dome of this diameter typically requires at least 4 projectors,” says Front Pictures project manager Dmitry Vasylchenko. “But thanks to Screenberry’s advanced automatic projection calibration, we’ve managed to achieve a perfectly immersive image with just two Barco’s 20,000 lumen laser phosphor projectors equipped with Barco TLD+ 90° Ultra Short Throw (0.4:1) lenses.”

The museum opened in January 2020 under the auspices of the Lu'an Association for Science and Technology. Now, it serves as a platform for experiencing science and inspiring innovative ideas among the children and youth of the fast developing city of about 6 million people.