BARVY Event Hall launches in Lviv with Screenberry media server

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Lviv, Ukraine

An event venue boasting a 270-degree panoramic projection powered by a Screenberry media server


SoundHouse, a leading Ukrainian system integrator, has relied on the Screenberry media server to power a panoramic projection at Leoland, a modern sports, educational, entertainment, and leisure complex for families located in Lviv, in the western part of the country.


Screenberry operates at the heart of the BARVY Event Hall, a newly opened multi-purpose conference and concert space at Leoland. The venue features a 72-meter-long panoramic projection that covers three walls and extends up 4 meters from the floor.

Photo credit: SoundHouse

To produce seamless imagery across this 270-degree screen, a single Screenberry media server drives and aligns 12 x NEC PA1004UL projectors, equipped with NP31ZL lenses. The total video resolution of 27.6 megapixels is distributed via 4 x Matrox QuadHead2Go Q185 multi-monitor controllers.


The SoundHouse team installed one extra Matrox multi-monitor controller to allow for future expansion of the system.

We chose Screenberry due to its robust performance and ease of operation. It's a versatile media server that has enabled us to tailor the space for various usage scenarios, from corporate presentations to artistic performances. We were particularly impressed by Screenberry's advanced projection alignment capabilities, which were crucial in creating a truly seamless panoramic projection.

Andrey Garkaviy, SoundHouse CEO

BARVY Event Hall began operations at the end of 2023. Designed for maximum flexibility, it has quickly become a key venue in Lviv, hosting a wide range of events. The hall hosts everything from business conferences and product launches to live performances and vibrant entertainment shows. The venue's versatile design allows it to transform according to the specific needs of each event, featuring state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems to enhance any gathering. Notably, the space has hosted an eclectic mix of events, including music and dance performances, each benefiting from the hall's cutting-edge AV setup.


The NEC Projectors were supplied by Capital Trade Company, a long-established and exclusive distributor of NEC projectors in Ukraine.


SoundHouse is a Ukrainian company that was founded on March 25, 2004 as a systems integrator. They have a significant track record, having completed over 150 projects. SoundHouse specializes in the design, installation, commissioning, modeling, programming, and expert support of audio, lighting, video, and stage equipment. They represent products from world-renowned manufacturers like Electro-Voice, DYNACORD, Meyer Sound, ROBE Lighting, and others in the Ukrainian market.


SoundHouse offers a range of services including consulting, project support, the distribution of equipment, and warranty and post-warranty service of distributed equipment and implemented projects. SoundHouse prides itself on the professionalism of its team and emphasizes providing cost-effective and optimal technical solutions.

Photo credit: Leoland


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