Revolution in resolution: Screenberry servers at ISE 2020

Front Pictures showed its latest r2.6.0 version of Screenbery media servers. The upgraded Screenberry is even more powerful than its predecessors; it is able to output up to 16х4K (64 x FullHD) signals from a single machine. Media playback is now supported at up to 12K x 12K 30 fps / 8K x 8K 60 fps / 32 x Full HD layers at 60 fps with canvas sizes up to 32K x 32K.

“Most ambitious projects can be implemented with the help of just one Screenberry media server, allowing AV integrators to greatly reduce overall system complexity, and to cut down on hardware, energy, and maintenance costs. That is what makes our solutions more affordable without compromising on quality and reliability,” said Vitaliy Slyusarenko, Front Pictures CTO.

Other upgrades include projection auto-alignment with the help of multiple cameras. The new version can quickly warp and blend projections not only on flat, curved, or domed screens, but also on such complex displays as full spheres. Screenberry is also capable of calibrating projectors with stacking and optical blends. It is possible to combine manual and automatic calibration methods.

Screenberry’s toolkit was also expanded with RTSP/RTMP streaming, multiple timelines, and automatic camera pose estimation for fast and precise projection alignment.

“We equipped Screenberry with plenty of new features, making it a universal tool for 3D mapping, dome projection, stage screens, and multimedia installations. This flexibility comes with an intuitive node graph editor that allows for a great number of layouts, configurations, and control scenarios,” says Yuri Kostenko, Front Pictures CEO.

At the Front Pictures’ stand, visitors will be able to test Screenberry’s user-friendly interface, and check out its rich media playback capabilities with a multimedia installation featuring multiple 4K outputs driven by a single Screenberry server.