Screenberry powers immersive projection at Fulldome UK 2021

A Screenbery-driven immersive dome has successfully served as a venue for the Fulldome UK 2021 festival, one of the world's largest events aimed at promoting the fulldome medium. Screenberry helped deliver multiple live shows and screenings of top fulldome productions from around the globe.

Fulldome UK 2021 took place at the recently opened Devonport Market Hall dome theater which features Europe’s first 210˚ hemispherical screen.

“During the three days of the festival, we used the (Screenberry-run) system quite intensively, screening over 50 films,” says Gaianova co-founder and Technical Director Philip Mayer. “We also had several live performances that used video capture Unreal and TouchDesigner, plus some films featuring ambisonic soundtracks that were decoded live to the 19.1 sound system. And the Screenberry server was absolutely solid throughout the festival.”

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