Screenberry controls extreme multimedia setup at INSIGHT club

The creative engineering bureau Pitch chose Screenberry to drive a complex multimedia setup at the INSIGHT restaurant and nightclub.

The venue is located in one of the skyscrapers of Moscow-City - 354 meters above the ground. It is unmatched in Russia in terms of the complexity of its multimedia solutions, which allow it to momentarily transform the space. This effect is achieved through lighting equipment scripts and a combination of translucent concrete and video mapping on the walls and pillars.

Pitch spent over a year designing the setup. The team deployed two Screenberry media servers. One server powers 30 projectors, which create mesmerizing video mapping decorations on six columns. Another server drives and blends two projectors for video mapping on a parametric structure, custom-created for the restaurant.

The Pitch team precisely aligned the video content with the intricate projection structure thanks to Screenberry’s support for 3D models and virtual camera positioning. This powerful feature allows to precisely re-map content taking into account physical projector location.

Screenberry’s rich networking capabilities allow for supporting and managing the multimedia setup remotely. The system runs automatically in accordance with pre-programmed scenarios.

In the daytime, when the space operates as a restaurant, architectural video mapping illuminates the building’s columns. The projection automatically switches after a certain amount of time, emphasizing different zones. At night, when the venue turns into a nightclub, architectural lighting is augmented with projection video mapping. The nightclub operating mode also features a two-hour multimedia show – the highlight of the entertainment program. Thanks to the User Datagram Protocol (UPD) support, Screenberry synchronizes the multimedia setup with the stage lighting, which is controlled by Qlab software.